“Air Benefit and Cost and Attainment Assessment System” (ABaCAS) is an integrated assessment system that connects air pollution emissions control and costs with air quality benefits, health and economic impacts, and air quality attainment tests. Developed jointly by an international team of scientists and U.S. EPA, ABaCAS is designed to provide researchers and policy makers with a user-friendly framework to link a set of decision support tools for conducting integrated assessments of air quality. The ABaCAS tools include:

1) ABaCAS Streamlined Edition (ABaCAS-SE) is an integrated and streamlined benefit, cost and attainment assessment system designed particularly for efficient air quality policy analyses.

2) International Control Cost Estimate Tool (ICET) is an emissions control and cost estimate tool that associates control costs with emissions reductions and air quality benefit assessment.

3) Response Surface Model – Visualization Analysis Tool (RSM-VAT) is an air quality assessment tool that provides real-time estimate of air quality responses to emissions changes using air quality models such as CMAQ and CAMx.

4) Software of Model Attainment Test – Community Edition (SMAT-CE) is a model attainment assessment tool for PM2.5, O3 and visibility. A customized version “SMAT-Asia” has also been developed particularly for international applications.

5) Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program – Community Edition (BenMAP-CE) is a health and economic benefit assessment tool that estimates health and economic impacts from changes in air quality.

The 5th International Conference and Workshop on ABaCAS will be held at the Celebrity City Hotel in Chengdu, China from July 3-5, 2017. A one-day ABaCAS system training workshop on July 3 will precede the two-day conference on July 4-5. Workshop participants are encouraged to download and install ABaCAS on their own laptops prior to arriving at the training workshop to facilitate the hands-on training sessions. The ABaCAS software installation package will be available by June 26 from the"ABaCAS Downloads" page.