July 3th, 2017(Monday)


Celebrity City Hotel Chengdu(成都城市名人酒店)


Please download and install the ABaCAS software package and training materials (PDF files) before attending the workshop. They will be available for downloading by June 26 at This workshop will be conducted in Chinese, but most PPT slides will be in English.

Workshop Goal

    The goal of this workshop is to promote the use of scientifically sound decision support system to help developing effective control strategies in reducing regional and urban air pollution and health impacts in China. This workshop will serve as a forum for information exchange, capacity building and technology transfer of advanced air pollution control benefit/cost and attainment assessment system for air quality managers and scientists in China. The training sessions will focus on six key components under the “Air Benefit and Cost and Attainment Assessment System” (ABaCAS), which is a community platform for conducting an integrated assessment of emissions control cost and their associated air quality and health benefits, including (1) a streamlined edition of ABaCAS for policy analysis and support (ABaCAS-SE), (2) a health and economic benefit assessment tool (BenMAP-CE: Community Edition), (3) an air quality attainment assessment tool (SMAT-CE), (4) a real-time air quality responses to emissions control tool (RSM/CMAQ), (5) an international cost estimate interface tool (ICET), and (6) a newly developed multi-scale air quality modeling visualization and analysis tool (Model-VAT).

Workshop Agenda