Sichuan Academy of Environmental Sciences (SCAES)

     Sichuan Academy of Environmental Sciences (SCAES), which is founded in September 1977,is a comprehensive environmental research academy directly under the Sichuan Environmental Protection Department. Formerly it is Environmental Protection Research Monitoring Station of Sichuan Province. SAES is the only integrated research academy of environmental protection on provincial level in Sichuan Province. It is based on the services for environmental management and environmental administration, offering scientific support for environmental decision-making of government, providing environmental information for the public at the same time. In order to construct the ecological barrier of Yangtze River upstream, based on the conditions and ecological characteristics of Sichuan Province, SAES is dedicated to the long term practical technology research on environmental pollution control, ecological environment protection, environmental planning, environmental management, environment and economy policy, EIA technology and methods, environmental statistics and information. The research involves extensive field, include nature and ecology conservation, ecological function protection, land resource protection, recovery of mine ecological damage, water sources and water resources protection, pollution control of industrial enterprises, urban and rural pollution control, circular economy, cleaning production, energy-saving emission reduction and so on.
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Environmental Scientific Society of Sichuan Province

      The Environmental Scientific Society of Sichuan Province is a non-profit environmental science and technology society which is voluntarily formed of the environmental science and technology workers, environmental engineering technician , environmental educators and managers. In addition ,it also consists of scientific industrialists, social celebrities and related groups that concern and support the environmental protection science and technology work in the administrative area of Sichuan .
      The society was founded in April 29, 1981.It is charged by Environmental protection bureau of Sichuan province and approved by the Sichuan Provincial Civil Affairs Department. Now it has been developed into the largest comprehensive technology environment community in Sichuan province.
      The Environmental Scientific Society of Sichuan Province not only has a long history but also consists of science and technology talents, professional knowledge , well-informed discipline information and a widely associated membership. The society plays a significant social role in developing the environmental science and technology, and has been assessed the 4 grade by the Sichuan Provincial Civil Affairs , and won the title of "top ten" society of Sichuan province.
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